Name: Yusho
Location: Chicago

Located in the heart of Lincoln Square, Yusho is relatively new to the Chicago food scene but should should not be missed. Created by chef Matthias Merges (who, for 14 years, worked for Charlie Trotter), the space was inspired by his love for Japanese street food and culture. The space itself is a nod to the pure and simple origins with hints of Japan's vibrant culture. The bar is made of 'century old wood beams' and all of the light fixtures are reclaimed and hung at varying lengths throughout the space. I love how warm the space feels while still maintaining a great level of energy and visual interest. The warms wood tones paired with the saturated colors create a wonderful nod to the culture they are derived from.

Photos 1 © Thrillist
Photos 2-4 © Time Out Chicago
Photo 5 @ Tasting Table