Bumble Los Altos

Name: Bumble Los Altos
Location: Los Altos, California

I love it when companies take design seriously, but realize that design doesn't have to be serious. When Bumble Los Altos showed up in my inbox, I couldn't have been more excited. The entire space was created on the concept of family dining and features multiple spaces for eating & playing. The entire space feels like you have entered a great friend's home, rather than a restaurant.

There is a communal dining space perfect for group get-togethers, bar for a quick lunch or glass of wine, lounge and play space centered around an interactive fish tank, indoor and outdoor play spaces for kids and outdoor patio for date nights.

Keeping the colors simple and sticking to a neutral palate with hits of grey and yellow, keeps the space bright, inviting and fun.

What I enjoyed most about this space, and concept, was that the entire space was designed for families but wasn't overly simplified. It reminds us that family dining can go beyond ball pits and happy meals.

All photos © Bumble Los Alto