A new meaning for 'coffee to go'

Name: illy coffee
Location: almost anywhere
Designer: Adam Kalkin

I love when boundaries are shattered and limits are pushed in architecture and design. Back in 2007, Adam Kalkin created a mobile solution from recycled and over abundant materials, for a home unit that could be folded down in a mere 90seconds. To further the design (and fun!) he teamed up with illy to create a mobile coffee unit. Whether you personally like the shipping container craze or not, you can't deny that this quirky solution, is anything but wonderfully eccentric and unique. While the solution might not be perfect, the space planning and design that went into this concept are admirable.

illy cargocontainer 002 Push Button Coffee House

illy cargocontainer 001 Push Button Coffee House

illy cargocontainer 003 Push Button Coffee House

To see a video of the crate opening take a look at Architecture and Hygiene

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