Local favorite; Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel

Location: Chicago, IL
Designer: Graven Images

Just before Thanksgiving, I got the opportunity to take a peak into one of the newest hotels here in Chicago, the Radisson Blu located in the famed Aqua Building. I will admit, I was intrigued and a bit doubtful about what the space would present design-wise. All preconceived ideas were thrown to the wind the moment I stepped through the doors. Before me was a well thought out concept that was more  W Hotel than any Radisson I'd been in before. With a modern and warm atmosphere, the design took cues from Chicago's rich history and featured tons of brick contrasted with gilded and brass details. Many art deco elements were also present and are heavily noticeable throughout the martini bar and lounge space on the first floor. What I love the most about the space is that they took inspiration from their architectural gem of a location and layered it with the rich history of Chicago's past & present. 

Rich woods, weathered steel, reclaimed bricks and glitzy gold details create a space perfect for a romantic date, late night drink with friends, or cozy gathering of family. 

I haven't had the chance to take a look at the guest rooms yet, but I can only image the level of finish and details that would be present given the polished public spaces. 

Concierge / Check-In:

Entry/ Lobby:

Gallery to Event Space & Ballrooms:

Bar & lounge Space:

Filine Restaurant:

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