Brooklyn Winery

Name: Brooklyn Winery
Location: Brooklyn
Designer: WRK Design

I need to acknowledge how excited I am that Brooklyn now has a winery. The space is a perfect mix of reclaimed, worn, warm, and inviting. The wood wainscoting, painted brick and industrial pendants add a rich warmth to the space and the use of long, community style tables follows through with the social and community feel of the space. I love the verticality created with the reclaimed, stacked wood wall and long tables. I also adore the large, re-purposed outdoor space, perfect for a warm summer night. All materials used in the space were completely reclaimed and repurposed. It is always great to see designers get creative with materials and the polished, finish space of Brooklyn Winery speaks to the successful use of those creative endeavors .

Brooklyn Wine Bar


Photos 1-4 © Brooklyn Winery
Photo 5 © UntappedCities