Name: Ruxbin
Location: Chicago, IL

Another restaurant listed on Bon Appetites best new restaurant list was Chicago's own; Ruxbin. I'm still not 100% on board with the final design, however with it's landing on the best new list, I thought it was worth showcasing to see what your thoughts were on the space.

I love the idea and theory behind the space. Reclaimed, recycled and renewed- I can completely jump on board with that one. I think this design style especially works with small businesses, it can help keep cost low and can provide a great warmth and character to the space. I also love the sustainable aspect of reuse, recycled and reclaimed.

I  admire the warmth and sepia tone of the space but I find that I enjoy single elements, rather than the whole concept. Those vintage chairs-love, the repurposing of chairs as light fixtures-love, the adaptive reuse of a dj booth as a division for the long narrow space-love. Bring these elements together though and something is missing. The cohesion seems lost.


Image 1,4 © Ruxbin
Image 2 © Star chefs
Image 3 © Bon Appetit