Theurel & Thomas Patisserie

Name: Theurel & Thomas Patisserie
Location: San Pedro, Mexico
Designer: Anagrama

This little gem was passed along to me by a friend and I am so glad he shared! Pure milky perfection, in my opinion. The amount of detail and remaining true to the all-white concept allows for the macaroons colors to burst throughout the space. What I love the most about this space is that is shows us that a monochrome platte doesn't have to be cold or stark. Too many time I hear that the all white interior will make the space feel cold and uninviting but, if done correctly, it can provide exactly the opposite. This space achieved the monochromatic design with its use of detailed furniture and fixtures. These items provide just enough contrast to keep the space inviting and exciting. I always enjoy experiencing interiors where you can see the trust between the designer and the client, it always provides the best design.
(did you notice the under-lit cabinet and storage? icing on the cake!)

All photos © Anagrama

Now I just need to take another trip to Meixco, who's coming with me?!