Star Belly

Name: Star Belly
Location: San Francisco
Designer: Zack|deVito

One of my favorite places to visit while living in San Francisco was Star Belly. The focus on local and sustainable foods paired with an emphasis on community and sustainable design really won me over. The space is small in footprint but features a large community table-esq bar made from a recycled bowling alley lane (markings still present!). It also has tables for smaller groups and a small banquet at the front of the location. The amount of wood used throughout the space creates a modern, yet warm, atmosphere in the space and I loved the exposed shelving and storage throughout. The only design issue I found with Star Belly was the height of the chairs mixed with the height of the banquette and table. The table and banquette were perfect but the chair was too low, and therefor a bit uncomfortable to spend a long dinner at. I highly recommend checking out Star Belly the next time you are in San Francisco!

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